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Managing Stress During Recovery

Relationship conflicts, family feuds, finding a new job, finances - these are just a few of the many real world stressors you’re likely to face while in recovery. Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable. It is also a common trigger for every type of addiction. Learning new, healthy stress management options can not only save you from a relapse but can also help build your confidence in yourself and the new world around you. Begin with listening to your body. Here are some clues ... Read more

Keeping Sobriety on Track This Holiday Season

Anyone who’s ever struggled with alcoholism knows all too well that the holidays are the most challenging times for staying sober. Difficult memories and emotions are often triggered and friends and co-workers are popping champagne bottles in festive celebration. It can feel as if the whole world is trying to entice you to relapse. After all, what’s the harm in having just one drink? Everyone else is celebrating, so why shouldn’t you join in, right? Wrong! If you’re a recovering alcoholic, then ... Read more

5 Reasons To Exercise During Addiction Recovery

Neglect to oneself often comes with the territory of drug and alcohol abuse. This not only wreaks havoc on physical well being but emotional as well. During addiction recovery, not only is it important to repair the psychological and physical damage of chemical dependency but also the damaged mind-body connection. Below are 5 outstanding reasons to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily addiction recovery treatment plan. 1. Exercise reduces stress: Exercise has been shown to alleviate both physical and psychological stress. ... Read more

ROAD Now Treating Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol Treatment at ROAD to a Better Life At ROAD, we do not simply deal with the physical behavior of drinking. Our approach is to treat the problem of alcohol dependence holistically. This means that our patients not only learn the reasons they turn to alcohol, but they also discover effective ways of handling problems and emotions so that they no longer need substances to cope with life. Getting oneself into alcohol treatment takes courage and a strong desire to change. We ... Read more

Grand Opening in Wolfeboro, NH

ROAD to a Better Life will host its Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at its Wolfeboro location on Tuesday, May 20th from 9am - 7pm. Join us anytime during this all day event, where you can: • Tour the facility • Meet the staff • Get informed • Enjoy light refreshments The mission of the R.O.A.D. to a Better Life program is to provide therapy and treatment in a safe, respectful and friendly environment, that is focused on recovery, relapse prevention, and a return to ... Read more