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What are you willing to do to get clean and sober?

If your answer is, “Whatever it takes”, you may be ready for our program. Whether you are having problems with alcohol, cocaine, prescription painkillers, heroin, sedatives, stimulants, or other drugs, we have the expertise to help you. Addiction treatment and recovery are all about being open to personal growth and change. Our most successful clients come in ready to listen, take suggestions, and make real changes in their lives. In return we offer a friendly, respectful environment staffed by addiction professionals committed to helping you get well. ROAD to a Better Life is a comprehensive addiction treatment program with locations throughout New Hampshire. The goal for all of our clients is permanent freedom from drug abuse and addiction. We adhere to an abstinence model, meaning that drug or alcohol use while enrolled in the program is prohibited. Recovery is hard. Compared to the life you’re living now, however, it’s a piece of cake. Anyone strong enough to endure the pain and indignities of addiction is strong enough to get well again. It’s really a motivation issue. How badly do you want it and what are you willing to do to get it? Whatever it takes? When you’re ready for a better life, give us a call.

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