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Alcohol Treatment at ROAD to a Better Life

man hands showing family of paper menAt ROAD, we do not simply deal with the physical behavior of drinking. Our approach is to treat the problem of alcohol dependence holistically. This means that our patients not only learn the reasons they turn to alcohol, but they also discover effective ways of handling problems and emotions so that they no longer need substances to cope with life. Getting oneself into alcohol treatment takes courage and a strong desire to change. We recognize this, and we treat our patients with the respect and care they deserve.

Alcohol abuse happens for many reasons, but individuals can regain control of their lives and learn to live without using alcohol as a crutch or escape. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to accept permanent separation from alcohol and continually try to have one drink or two, which restarts the cycle of addiction and quickly leads to self-destructive behaviors.

We show individuals how and why they can live permanently without alcohol. At ROAD, all of our alcohol-dependent clients are treated in a safe, relaxing environment where they can focus on their recovery without distractions. While the treatment experience will differ for each client based upon their customized detox and therapeutic plan, all treatment programs at ROAD include individual therapy, multiple weekly group sessions, a family program, and complementary therapies for specific underlying issues. We also offer a comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program designed to meet the needs of those suffering from a substance use disorder who need more than weekly counseling sessions. Our large professional staff means we can accommodate a diversity of co-occurring issues.

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Our mission is to provide therapy and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in a safe, respectful and friendly environment that is focused on recovery, relapse prevention, and a return to normalcy. If you’re ready for a better life, your Road starts here: (603) 841-2301.

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