Alyssia Lin


Treatment Philosophy

I believe that no two people are alike, and therefore each person needs to be seen as an individual and listened to. One treatment modality that may have helped another with a similar issue on “paper” may not be appropriate for another. We are a team and as such we can work together to find a better quality of life for our patients.

Professional Journey

I was 5 years old when I realized I wanted to work in the healing arts. I became a gym instructor, then ran a gym, to celebrity clients in a city I didn’t know near the Gold Coast of Australia. (Oops! Sorry, I didn’t recognize the equivalent to the Tom Brady at the time!). I traveled into Asia after and learned to see healing arts in many forms. I then had the opportunity to live in the Kingdom of Tonga and ran a Chinese Medical Clinic. Later, this Australian girl had now made New Hampshire her home and became a 911 Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician for the city of Manchester, NH. During that time, I knew I wanted to do more for my patients and went on to study for my Nurse Practitioner, I have worked extensively with Geriatrics, Hospice, Psychiatric care and wound care. Many of my patients have had concurrent substance issues as well as acute illnesses too. I feel that I now have the best job in the world.

Special Interests

There is a time and place for everything. A time for medicine, whether it is pharmaceutical or interventional or for the traditional ways; such as acupuncture, herbals, nutrition, or movement such as Tai Chi, Yoga or physical therapy. Mental Health is also a key part to pain management.


MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Regis College, Weston MA, May 2012

BS, Nursing, Regis College, Weston MA, May 2011

BA (Fine Arts), University of South Australia, Australia, 1994

Professional Certifications & Associations

ANCC Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified


BLS, CPR & AED for Healthcare Provider

New Hampshire Providers Association Member (represents Alcohol & other Drug Service Providers)

When I’m not treating my patients, I enjoy… trying to adapt my knowledge of Australian gardening to the four seasons of the New England climate as well as the wildlife challenges. I love history and have a passion to explore so what better place to call home than New England? Two years ago, Lucan, a yellow Labrador became my first dog ever. He is that perfect ray of sunshine as his means.