Doris M. Faughnan


Treatment Philosophy

“I believe for one to successfully achieve recovery from addiction, he or she must develop a new mindset that allows for positive change. I provide a positive and compassionate approach. My philosophy is rooted in 5 essential elements that, if put into practice, facilitate real and lasting recovery. These elements are fundamental: validation, facilitating hope by breaking down the barriers, getting from “I can’t” to “I can,” finding ways to get rid the old tapes in your head, going from your head level to your heart level. Therein lies humility from all distraction and confusion. It’s my life’s passion to help people transform their lives through understanding of early experiences and relationships with others. I am one who connects with people easily with insight and compassion using a light-hearted approach, always respectful of the sensitive areas while maintaining some structure. We are moving through some of the painful areas at a pace that is comfortable. It is Harriet Beecher that said: “Never give up for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” I believe in transforming the “I can’t” into the willingness of “I can.” I understand that recovery is unique to the individual. Recovery looks different for everyone. There’s no “one size fits all.” No one journey will be the same. Many paths have merit. As I am a guide in the process it means really listening to the individual, to the clients deepest fears,to trying to connect with what they want. That is when I can help a client fit into certain areas, to stretch and apply themselves. It might feel uncomfortable at first but thats okay, whether its choosing mindfulness, abstinence, or harm reduction, we take the necessary steps in the process. I believe in a host of therapies including Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal, Motivational Interviewing, Strength-based, or Solution Focused Behavioral Therapy. My mission is to empower everyone who walks through my door to find their own believable hope, and to live a life they love.”

Professional Journey

It all started out with a real interest in attention deficit disorder, conduct disorder, and Reactive Attachment Disorder. I switched from work as an aide in public school classrooms to youth worker in various residential facilities. It was especially Wediko Childrens Services with their fantastic in-services that made it all make more sense. I pursued residential work while majoring in Human Services at NHTI in Concord. Being the middle child in a family of 5 other siblings helped me to relate to more than just birth order. It becomes more about family systems and the hero, the mascot, the responsible one, etc. Many of us can relate to the idea of “seen not heard.” Some clients say they felt like ghosts, not even “seen.” So often we see adults come to counseling seeking validation for their worth. Children come to counseling and experience “relationships” with their counselors. The more we interact with that child, creating more solid relationships, the more we are building a foundation, from the ground up. Anyone who had or has the benefit of working for therapeutic residential settings have a sense that they are a part of making those vital connections that are so necessary. So I love how I started out in this field, and how working with all ages has given me a broader appreciation and understanding of developmental issues. I went from working in residential treatment to working with adults in inpatient and outpatient facilities. My professional journey and how I got here comes from the area of purpose and self-worth. It is all about how we do matter! This journey is to help my clients become one step closer to “a new you,” one in which they feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. I got to where I am because I have seen the success rates of kids who were able to graduate from places like the Wreath School and the success of an adult who is able to get sober after completing treatment at places like the former Seminole Point. I also recognized my abilities as a strength-based therapist and love this path I am on supporting my clients to uncover their true potential and to lead a life that is worth celebrating.”

Special Interests

“The part I enjoy is that working in this field allows for exploration, exploring new clients, exploring new ideas, new opportunities, new ways to help. I love researching and learning more about parenting skills, relapse prevention, ADD/adhd, anxiety, depression, self-soothing remedies, anger management skills, seeking safety, 12 Step Treatment, Smart Recovery, Grief and Loss, self-esteem, and empowerment. I learn just as much from my clients as I do from medical staff, social workers, addiction specialists, psychologists, and others.”

Getting to know the patients I serve.


M.S. -Community Mental Health Counseling, New England College

Human Services – Mental Health, New Hampshire Technical Institute

B.A. – English (Business Minor) , Plymouth State College

Professional Certifications & Associations

NAADAC – The Association for Addiction Professionals

Other Professional/Educational Achievements

“I attended Susie Hastings Creative Communication Center, Norwich, VT, and Received my certification in holistic life coaching. I tend to blend or weave this reality therapy type of life coaching in with the counseling. The client can get more support around areas of motivation as well as support for their health and well-being. The mind/body aspect of my work is vital but so is starting from the area of what the client really wants. Another achievement was attending a regional business association through Microcredit of NH where I completed Business Development Tutorials. This led to the creation of a Business Plan for the start-up of my private practice.”

When not with my patients, I enjoy… “My First Grade teacher told my mother that, despite my shyness and how short I was, everyone could hear me singing loud and clear from the back row. To this day I love anything having to do with music such as singing Karoake, watching shows like “The Voice,” and attending my adult son’s band performances (he’s a drummer). I like going to occasional Dartmouth Hockey games, and family get-togethers. I used to do long-distance running but today I prefer going to the Health Club or riding a bicycle. I love reading the J.D. Robb series, writing poetry, and photography. I enjoy my two cocker spaniels, “Buffy” and “Blackie.” I love seeing my grandson “Hunter.” He makes me laugh every time we get together.”