Hammond Brown


Treatment Philosophy

My therapy style is interpersonal. My theoretical approach is heavily based upon the developmental and attachment needs of every individual. I believe most, if not all, issues confronted by the client in therapy arise from a history of negative interactions which have occurred between one’s genetically inherited dispositions of personality and the family and social environments during infancy, childhood and young adulthood. My therapeutic approach is to single-mindedly engage the client in a treatment relationship with the hope that this relationship will become a collaborative partnership which will last as long as it suits the client’s needs.

Professional Journey

I “fell into” mental health by starting to work as a mental health worker at New Hampshire Hospital when I was 25. The fact was, it was something I felt “comfortable” with, probably because both of my parents were alcoholics. Working in hospital settings led me into community mental health after my wife received her graduate degree and we moved to Laconia, NH. At Lakes Region Mental Health Center, which became Genesis Behavioral Health, I performed a whole gamut of different jobs working with chronic and severely mentally ill adults over the course of several years. I settled into an outpatient counseling position there and eventually hankered for the autonomy of private practice. I started doing private practice 14 years ago while still working part-time at Genesis, and within a year and a half I was liberated. The rest is history. As an “allied health professional,” I am only sort of in the medical field. My passion hasn’t been medicine, but rather psychotherapy, and I can say that I am indeed passionate about the work that I do.

Special Interests

I enjoy working with people with a history of trauma and with personality disorders, group therapy, and the exploration of problems with intimacy in couples.


Master of Social Work – University of Connecticut, School of Social Work

B.A.-  University of New Hampshire

Professional Certifications & Associations

Certification with ACSW

When not with my patients, I enjoy… bicycling, hiking/snow-shoeing, sailing, physical outdoor work, working on family archives and history, reading about the Civil War, stamp collecting, movies and music.