Our Services

The ROAD Program

Focused on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we offer services that others don’t including: medication assisted treatment, same/next day appointments, no wait lists, harm reduction, low barrier medications, behavioral therapy and more.


The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to meet the needs of individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder and need more than weekly counseling, but do not need residential treatment.

Group Therapy

Our Group Therapy Program consists of weekly sessions and our participants are required to attend every week.

Recovery Stories:

“I’m so incredibly LUCKY to have spent the time that I have with this community of people! Every single person here has helped to make me who I am today! From the reception staff who always greets with a smile! To the one and only doctor Sherm! Who ALWAYS takes time to hear and answer every question you have these people are a huge part of why I kept coming back and why I’m alive today!! I’m FOREVER so thankful to all of you. I now have the life and happiness I once thought I could never have! I can only pray other people with addiction can find this joy to. It’s possible!!!!”